How to find the best Oregon Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting your Oregon auto insurance quotes may not be the highlight of your week, or on the top of your favorite things to do. However saving money on your insurance policy through the quotes that you obtain can help you get back to doing what you love that much quicker. Ensuring you have insurance on your vehicle is incredibly important to not only keep your license, but also ensure you have all the coverage you need. Here are a few quick tips on how to obtain fast quotes that are accurate and easy to compare.

Find Your Needs

Depending on your needs, you insurance policy should cover everything that you find to be necessary. If you are leasing a car or just purchased a new car, then full coverage insurance may be required to meet your needs. However no-fault insurance is all that is required. When getting your Oregon auto insurance quotes from, be sure to request the same coverage from each provider that you wish to look into. This can provide you with an accurate quote on your payments, as well as an insight into the coverage you will receive. You will also find this makes comparing quotes easier.


Comparing quotes is easy when you have the same coverage options on each quote. By looking over each of your Oregon auto insurance quotes carefully, you may find that the amount of coverage you are receiving will change. The amount of coverage can fluctuate, but cannot go below the state requirement. It is best to remove all policies that possess the lowest coverage. Once you have eliminated the low coverage options, begin weeding out the policies that cost too much money. This will make your decision easier.

Making Calls

Once you have narrowed down your options to 3 – 5 different policy possibilities, you should call the companies that you have quotes for and confirm the price and coverage for the Oregon auto insurance quotes that you received. Not only will you ensure you have the coverage you want for the price you want, but you can also get a feel for how the company will treat you as a customer. Performing this simple step may only take about 15 to 20 minutes per company, but can save you much more money as the representatives may lower your costs or raise your coverage to insist you make your purchase now.